Sara Adams Cosmetiques Luxuries Makeup Brushes

by Sara Adams
Sara Adams Cosmetiques Luxuries Makeup Brushes
Sara Adams Cosmetiques Luxuries Makeup Brushes
If you Never Try Sara Adams Makeup Brushes , you don’t know what you’re Missing Out On ! 
Sara Adams Brushes its a next generation of cosmetic brushes ,Comfy & Soft , the most advanced synthetic yarns compared to natural hair .
  • Beauty pleasure of application and performance are connected together for results as never before. 
  • Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Specifically designed thinking about sensitive skins and skin gentle .
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free .
  • Silky like no other. Every touch is an experience. Fine bright reflections and a gorgeous look Just as natural hair,
  • you will get such a velour effect, that application will feel like a massage. Touch the difference. Opacity and capability to absorb the light with low reflection, give it a natural hair look .
  • Nothing else feels like Soft & Full Density and softness. A new level of tactile perception.
  • 30% more compared to average density brushes. The controllable density to flexibility ratio gives an incredible puff like feel and, at the same time, the perfect necessary firmness.
  • simple and unique luxury look and feel ,  Fits to cosmetic products .
sara adams cosmetiques


Set-in-shape unique technology.

A peculiar way to construct the head of the brush ensures that it keeps the shape over time.
The brush head silhouette is given during the very first production step. In this way the best part of the filament, the point, is preserved.
The stable non slip surface of Dermocura® fibre let us control it and fix it in a secure way to avoid hair loss.

Handmade in Italy.


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