Sara Adams Round Blending Foundation Brush #05

by Sara Adams

Sara Adams Round Blending Foundation Brush #05



Sara Adams Round Blending Foundation Brush #05

An super densely ultrasoft Medium to Full Coverage  buff Face Blending Brush for a flawless, matte or finish ultra-polished, HD-finish makeup look ,versatile with densely packed bristles that gently buffs foundation into skin  Perfect for using with powder formulas and liquid foundations and thick creams , this brush reduces shine and delivers just the right amount of formula for a flawless finish.

This brush can be used both dry and damp with liquid foundations , the Brush fiber flexibility gives medium to full coverage application without streaking

ultra-soft luxurious vegan synthetic bristles yarns , designed to easily apply powder or foundation formulas into skin to set and finish any look.

the Velvet like handle helps offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire

The paper of the packaging FSC Certified , and the wood of the handle are made of sustainably managed forests .

How to use:


  • Buff on foundation in light circular motions, starting in the center of the face and working outwards .
  •  brushing on formula around the nose, then gently blend onto the rest of the skin .
  • Be sure to add extra coverage where there’s any redness
  • Build coverage in layers for the most natural look.
  • Don't overload the brush for the cleanest application.


How to Clean The Brush:

  • Wash in gentle cleaner, mild soap or shampoo weekly.
  • Cleanse in the palm of your hand, rinse and lay flat on a towel to dry.

Handmade in Italy .


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